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General Inquiries: 

Call 207-321-9852 

Or email

Mailing Address:

P.O. Box 329

Windham, Maine 04062

(Note that this is our HQ mailing address for all correspondence.  We do not receive mail at the field offices or equipment yards.)

Need to reach key personnel:

Tom Gorrivan - Team Leader

Tom oversees all aspects of the companies inspection, maintenance, and compliance reporting services.


Phone: 207-321-9852

Scott Rolfe - Account Manager

Existing customers may get a call from Scott to ensure customer satisfaction.  Others may receive a call to see if we can help meet your stormwater compliance needs.


Phone: 207-415-3206



Anything worth doing is worth doing right!  I can't remember how many times I heard this growing up.  I guess I heard it enough times that I now find myself saying it too.  We are a small company.  Our reputation is everything.  The values we aspire to were handed down over generations.  Its simple.  Treat our customers like we would want to be treated.  Work hard and do it with integrity.  Provide excellent service at a fair price.  We strive to meet these simple but important principles everyday.  In doing so we've retained over 95% of our customers year after year.  Its not some new fangled way of doing business, its just who we are.  This is my commitment to each and every customer.    


Tom Gorrivan - Owner

Our Commitment
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