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Sterling Stormwater Maintenance Services



​Sterling Stormwater Maintenance Services is your one stop for all of your post-construction stormwater services.  We provide inspection, maintenance, and compliance reporting for all types of stormwater facilities.

Our Services

Key Services


Inspection Program - our inspection program includes a thorough evaluation of the stormwater facilities on your site in order to determine if they are functioning as appropriate or if maintenance is needed.

Maintenance Services - we offer a full range of maintenance services including JetVac services, excavation services, and landscaping services to maintain all types of stormwater facilities.


Compliance Reporting - we offer compliance reporting services to fully document all inspection and cleaning activities.  In addition to providing reports to our clients, we can correspond directly with the governing agency for added peace of mind.

Other Services

Site Assessments - our site assessment program will allow you to identify the number and type of stormwater components on your site in order to build a sustainable stormwater compliance program.

GPS Mapping - our GPS Mapping service will provide you with an aerial view of your site with all pertinent stormwater components clearly identified.  This allows for easy reference of the stormwater components and is ideal for enhanced reporting requirements. 

Maintenance Training - we offer maintenance training for site owners and facility managers who prefer to handle the maintenance program on their own.

We have facilities in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic.  We service the following states:

Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Virginia.

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